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Market Tour & Cooking in Budapest 749

Ready for a truly amazing hands-on Hungarian cooking class in Budapest? Ready for a Market tour with local experts? Do you know the difference between the Goulash, Stew and Paprikash? Have you ever tasted Hungarian wine or palinka?

Ready for a happy time chatting, learning about Hungarian customs, local ingredients and everyday life?

If you say yes, come with me! I am Marti and I really happy to meet you!

The MARKET TOUR with COOKING is a complete gastronomical experience or you can call it a two-in-one program. In which I combined a visit to the local Market and the cooking course.

We start in the Market, I talk about the history of the building and the local products. We buy the ingredients for the 3-course menu and you can taste the most popular Hungarian street-food as well. After the Market tour the cooking course begins, which ends with a delicious, rich meal. It takes more than 5 hours but you will have a memorable event.

The program starts at 9am and finishes at around 1.30pm.

What I offer:

- a cooking course combined with a market tour,

- a more than 5-hour long culinary program,

- interesting information and stories about gastronomy, local ingredients and our culture,

- all the ingredients, kitchen pots and equipment,

- the recipes of the dishes, which you can take back home,

- my help and guidance (I am a professional cook),

- the knowledge how to prepare the dishes and at the same time you can get an insight into the life of Hungarian people,

- 3-course Hungarian menu (soup, main course and dessert),

- a taste of Hungarian specialties on the local Market,

- drinks: palinka (fruit brandy), Hungarian wine, soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee,

- free taxi from the Market to my flat and at the end of the program back to your hotel.

You can choose from the following menus:

Menu A:

Soup: Sour Cherry Soup,

Main course: Chicken Paprikas with small dumplings,

Dessert: Gundel pancake (flour, egg, dairy product, walnuts, chocolate)

Menu B:

Soup: Fish soup (with local fish, onion, spicy paprika powder),

Main course: Beef stew with small dumplings ( beef meat, onion, egg, flour),

Dessert: Hungarian apple pie (with apple, flour, egg, cinnamon, sugar, butter),

Menu C:

Soup: Traditional Goulash Soup (beef meat),

Main course: Savoury pancake Hortobagy style (with chicken, dairy product),

Dessert: Gerbeaud layer cake (with yeast, egg, flour, sugar, walnuts, chocolate)

Menu D:

Soup: Chicken ragout soup with tarragon (with dairy product),

Main course: Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce (with pork meat, celery),

Dessert: Strudel (with dairy product, sugar, cabbage, egg)

Menu E:

Soup: Creamy potato soup with smoked sausage (with pork meat, dairy product),

Main course: Stuffed cabbage (with pork meat, sauerkraut)

Dessert: Poppy-seed bread dumplings with vanilla custard (with dairy product, egg, sugar)

Please, inform me, which menu you prefer and I hope to meet soon in my nice kitchen!

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verified host

I am a professional cook and a real culinary fanatic from Budapest. I love cooking, baking and catering. A long time ago I learnt to cook from my mother, then I have attended several cooking courses but I only cooked and baked for my friends at home. Then I started the professional cook school and passed the exam. I learnt and worked a lot, it was hard work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. (Okay, there were some days in summer when the temperature was more than 40 degrees Celsius in the restaurant’s kitchen and I felt it was crazy). During my practice time I worked in SOFITEL Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel and ARANY KAVIAR Russian fine-dining restaurant. I met a lot of fantastic chefs and teachers who helped my development. I use this knowledge in my own kitchen.

I organize different private dinings in the centre of Budapest, where you can taste the traditional Hungarian and Central-European Jewish dishes.

Our goal is a memorable moment and experience for my guests.

I would like to welcome you to my place for a real private dinner where you can learn about local food, culture and customs as well.

Come and join my unique experience for a few hours in Budapest.

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