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I would like to invite you to dinner made from local seasonal products to celebrate summer abundance. Inspired by my memories of childhood I want to recreate taste and dishes of my family home in summer time. I buy fresh stuff from local farmers so it is hard to plan the meal exactly. I make the traditional Polish dishes in their lighter version to keep you healthy :)

Zapraszam na kolację sporządzoną z lokalnych produktów dostępnych właśnie latem. Inspiracją są moje wspomnienia i chęć odtworzenia smaków dzieciństwa. Będzie tak, jak w moim rodzinnym domu latem.

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I love gardening, art, food and people. I am passionate about TEDx and NVC (non violent communication). I love connecting with people over the table.

Dmitry and I come from two different cultures. He was born in Latvia. I am Polish. Since we love to eat, we try local food and experiment everywhere we go. Everyone who cooks for us, leaves a mark on our kitchen. The way we cook changes with time as we love to try new things. Dmitry showed me how to apprieciate life and enjoy local flavours and live the moment. Now we live in Kraków and would love to share our life and kitchen with you.

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