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Fermentation Classes

Poland is famous for its fermentation. We are fermenting food here since ever.

Take your pick from our various Lacto fermentation classes. Beginners can open the lid on a magical world of kimchi, sauerkraut, and brine fermented vegetables. We will learn how to make famous Polish sour kraut and cucumbers. Perhaps you want to jump into fermented beverages like kombucha, tepache and kefir making. Cooking classes + lunch and drinks. For dessert, you are going to try delicious "szarlotka" apple cake with salted caramel sauce.

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Plačiau apie virėją,Marta

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Hello! I’m Marta, I'm sculptor, but i also love cooking. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of my beautiful home town, and more about art of fermented foods/probiotics/prebiotics, both through the website I run eataway.com and with all the wonderful travellers I meet in person.

I also love cooking. That means delicious, home-made food freshly-prepared for my family and friends, and fun evenings of conversation and shared experiences. I’ve often thought when travelling myself how great it would be to have a meal with a local person.

Restaurants are great, but sometimes it seems it would be better to enjoy a home-cooked meal with someone who can also tell me a bit more about their experiences, their lives and their cities. So, I’ve decided to do exactly that. I cook for up to 12 people at my home in Krakow every Wednesday, sometimes Saturdays from around 7pm. And you’re invited. Please join me!

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