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Taste China with Zoe 1568

China is a huge country. We have exquisite and wide variety of foods according to our large scale of the country.

In this Taste China, you will have different foods from different areas of China. Those dishes are the favorite ones of my family and friends.

More importantly, all of them are 100% homemade, from the sauce, filling to the skin.

Even more, this summer, I have my friend Liu Zhao who is a certified dumpling master from China here visiting me in Krakow.

During our meal, you will have the chance to cook the Four Happiness Dumpling with Liu. She has introduced this wonderful Emperor's food to The Krakow Pierogi Festival.

Come and join us in my apartment on Siemiradzkiego street. Let's sharing foods, culture and love.

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Plačiau apie virėją,Zoe


Hey~ This is Zoe. I moved from Shanghai to Krakow with my family.

We've been visited many other countries around the world. No wonder, each time we enjoyed the local foods.

However, there would always come out a wish of having some nice Chinese dishes after a while.

I started to cook my first dish when I was a primary student. Yes, I was trying to find something interesting, meanwhile to comfort my stomach. And I made it! Since then, reading recipes and try to make different good tastes occupied lots of my spare times.

With my husband and daughter being very responsible for his new project and her new school life, I'm spending tons of times making nice foods at home. I'd love to share them with all of you.

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