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I am Software Engineer by profession. I always loved to explore food and ingredients. What I didn't know was, It has been passed on from my grand mother to my mom and now to me. I always had it in me, which I never bothered to understand until I came to Krakow.

For me cooking is just like painting. like every brush stroke needs to be right, similarly.

Every ingredient has to do its parts to make the whole dish to perfection. The only secret ingredient is your passion and love for what you cook.

My search for Hyderabadi Biryani(A dish which is cooked with rice and meat) in Krakow made me a cook. When I could not find a perfect Biryani, I decided to cook one myself. Rest is hard work and history.

I started a small project to cook for a group for people, I enjoy to cook different dishes and they enjoyed to try. every feedback I got made me better and better.

I'm here now on eataway and would like to share everything from traditional to most famous Indian dishes. I'm sure you will love it.

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5 mesi
Senny became a cook in Kraków


Kraków, Poland
5 mesi
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