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I am a professional advertising who loves cooking and eating. I am always thinking about the next meal. My husband works as a system analyst and he is my partner in crime in all my kitchen adventures.

We are a young couple passionate about meeting new people and new cultures. Making new friends while drinking a pleasant wine and eating good food, why not? It will be a pleasure to receive nice people in our home and make them feel welcome in this beautiful city.

We have a large terrace in the rooftop with a wonderful view over the Tejo River, where you will feel a fresh air and contemplate Lisbon’s beauty. Hope to see you soon.

Have you arrived with your pet? Bring him to have a great time with us! :)

We are easily accessible by public transport.

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Lia became a cook in Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal
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Lia joined Eataway in Lisbon

Lisbon Portugal

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