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Pie Class in a Venetian olive grove 588

Pie making is inseparably connected with Greek culinary tradition.

This class centers around both savory and sweet pies- from ancient ones such as plakous to pies from 19th and early 20th century- and vegetarian and non vegetarian regional delicacies such as zucchini pie, small Cretan pies filled with wild greens, eggplant pie, breadmeat and cheeese - honey pies.

Class learns to make home made phyllo dough, cornmeal layer and also works with commercial phyllo to make savory and sweet snacks.

Lessons take place in a 300 year old olive grove, 5 km from the city of Chania.

Pies vary depending on the season.

The lesson is available upon request if time permits. Please contact me to add dates.

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Sul cuoco, Mariana

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I am an experimental archaeologist-food historian, who recreates Greek historical recipes using ancient or modern techniques for spectacular food events.

In 2000 I founded the 'Greek Culinary History & Cooking Adventures' to create interactive, edible experiences that bring historical Greek gastronomy to life through synesthesia (union of the senses) as well as explore the relationship between art and food.

My work takes many forms, including pop-up dinners, experiments, lectures, historic cooking courses, edible installations, and food walking tours. On the walking tours, we do not only eat, we also explore the tales behind the foods and the preparation of each food item.

I am the author of a Gourmand award-winning cookbook, The Language of Taste, which is a dictionary (in Gr.) of the history and culture of Greek food and the founder and organizer of the biennial Symposia of Greek Gastronomy (conference).

You can also find me at www.historyofgreekfood.weebly.com and www.historyofgreekfood.eu.

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