Time for Warsaw!

Vélemények: 9608

Our home cooks in Kraków have already hosted over 400 guests from the U.S., Great Britain, France, Belgium, Japan, Zanzibar and even Brazil since we started Eataway a few short months ago! Not only did they get an opportunity to taste our homemade food, but most importantly they had a lot of fun and met new people in our homes. Now, time for Warsaw!

Dorota, who joined our team, cooked our first Eataway dinner in Warsaw a few day ago. She is a passionate home cook and transforms old recipes into great dishes with a modern touch. Her first Eataway dinner focused on autumn specialties inspired by Polish and local cuisine, most notably exquisite Polish goose which is now in season! As a starter, Dorota served goose pate, smoked goose breast and a French speciality – rillettes. For the main course, she baked goose breast with dried plums and pumpkin. Her Polish style gingerbread layer cake, served for dessert, was sublime.

And what about you? Why not visit one of our dinners in Warsaw or join our team and become a cook! Your profession and your age is not important. The only thing that you have to do is to love cooking and entertaining guests. Just click on the Eataway form www.eataway.com/form, describe yourself and your cuisine briefly, and we’ll get back to you and set it all up! Hey, people from Warsaw, we are ready for you!