In Poland there is a tradition of leaving a spare spot at the table for Christmas dinner. This is for an unexpected guest, friend, family member or someone in need. 

How about turning the tradition into a deed and actually welcoming a stranger to your Christmas Eve? There is surely someone you know - perhaps an elderly lady you see every day at the corner shop or a new work colleague who moved in recently from overseas?

Invite someone in need

So what now? We invite you to open up your home for Christmas Eve. It takes a little courage, but we bet it will be worth it. We’ll help you to let others know that you’re willing to welcome someone.

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Join a Christmas dinner

Wed, 20 Dec 17:00
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przy wigilijnym talerzyku

Jest taka bardzo ładna polska tradycja, że na wigilijnym stole stawia się dodatkowy talerzyk dla nie…
   Marta     (3)
Fri, 22 Dec 18:30
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Open for Xmas! Tu też się gotuje!

Together with Dominika (my good friend and of the coolest people around! and her mom maybe as well, …
   Maciek     (0)
Sun, 24 Dec 19:00
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Wigilia 2017

Zapraszam serdecznie na wigilię osobę/osoby, które z jakichkolwiek przyczyn nie mają w tym roku towa…
   Pawel     (0)
Sun, 24 Dec 16:00
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Open for Christmas!

There\'s a Polish tradition, that every year we leave a spare place at Our Christmas tables for…
   Katarzyna     (0)
Sun, 24 Dec 17:30
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Open for Christmas

The beautiful Polish tradition of leaving the spare spot at the Christmas’ table, can you reca…
   Marta     (229)

Donate a Christmas box

You can contribute in one more way. If you're unable to attend a meal and still want to help out, you can purchase a Christmas box for those less fortunate.Just as last year, we are supported by MOPS - Municipal Centre for Social Care and Helclów’s Social Care Centre. The majority of people MOPS takes care of are not able to leave their apartments. We’re ensured that the packages will reach those in need. Just as last year, we’ll deliver home-cooked Christmas meals to their homes and you can fund one, just here.

Let’s make every home scent of the Christmas vibe!

Fri, 22 Dec
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Donate a Christmas Box!

One of the most touching Polish Christmas traditions is to leave a spare chair for a lonely stranger…
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