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Who doesn't love noodles soup? In the Vietnamese repertoire, beef pho noodle soup is a classic. In fact, it's practically the national dish of Vietnam. Pho served by Bożena and her Vietnamese partner is not a compromise - it is a proper beef soup spiced up with precisely selected ingredients.

Serving suggestion: Pho Bo should be eaten from a big bowl - if you decide to order Pho Bo Takeaway - make sure that you have one. Make sure that the broth is hot and mix all the ingredients in the bowl.

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What's in the box?

Pho Broth

500 ml rosołu Pho  na kościach, ogonie i prędze wołowej z paloną cebulą i imbirem, cynamonem, badianem, czarnym kardamonem, wywarem z kombu i shiitake w miejsce glutaminianu.

500 ml of Pho broth - cooked on beef shank, tail and bones along with grilled onion, cinammon, badian, black cardamon and kombu and shiitake stock to replace monosodium glutamate.


Wietnamski makaron ryżowy sparzony w rosole.

Vietnamese rice noodles parboiled in pho broth.

Thảo mộc

Świeże zioła do PHO - miks świeżej kolendry, ngo gai (meksykańskiej kolendry), tajskiej bazylii, mięty wietnamskiej, kiełków, szalotki, dymki, a także chili i cytryna.

Fresh herbs to add to PHO - fresh coriander, ngo gai (mexican coriander), thai basilic, Vietnamese mint, sprouts, shallot, green onion, chilli and lemon.

Beef Streak Slices

Cieniusieńko pokrojone plastry pręgi wołowej

Thinly sliced beef shank.

Nước sốt cay

Sos na bazie chili, soku z cytryny, sosu rybnego, soli i cukru. Ostry - doprawiaj ostrożnie!

Spicy sauce based on chilli, lemon juice, fish sauce, salt and sugar. It is extra spicy - season carefully!


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I was born on Polish Eastern Borderlands called “Kresy”. Cooking is my life passion since a long time - I have been cooking since my childhood thanks to my grandma, who had graduated home economics in Lviv and taught me a lot of dishes. Because I was born in the USSR, I am also very familiar with Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and Kazakh cuisines as well as cooking traditions of minorities living in Lviv: Tatars, Jews, Armenians. During my studies I got familiar with the cuisines of Latin America and Africa. Because I married a Tunisian guy, I used to spend a lot of time in Tunisia, so my ex mother -in-law taught me how to cook Tunisian food. Since several years I have a Vietnamese boyfriend who, like me, is a cook. I cook professionally since 20 years, but I don’t work in a restaurant. He and I would love to offer people the authentic cuisine of Vietnam. No shortcuts. I cook, I tempt, I educate! I ferment everything what can be fermented, from all parts of the World!

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