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Kimchi (Kapusta Koreanska) 529

Container contains 310g.

Kimchi is a fermented product, not only is it tasty but also super healthy. You can eat on the side with rice, noodles or even make soup and much more.

We use traditional methods to create this tasty and healthy recipe, ingredients include; Peking Cabbage, Carrot, Radish, Green Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Apple, Fish Sauce, Honey, Salt, Korean Pepper, Sugar, Shiitake Mushroom,, and Kelp,

Products are purchased at local Asian market.

Put in refrigerator to extend product shelf life.

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About the cook, Refiana

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Hi my name is Refiana I'm Indonesian living in Poland, my passion is cooking especially asian food. I make sure all of the ingredients i use is good quality, healthy and yummy in your tummy. All foods I make is made with love.

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