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Potato Curry Puffs 116

These Delicious Oven Fresh Curry Puffs makes tea or coffee time more happening..

Mashed potatos with curry powder and few green peas gives delicious taste for puff's stuffing.

Note: Kindly place the order before noon.

Per piece price is 6 zł. It will be freshly prepared once order is placed.

About the cook, Poonam


I belong to Mumbai, the capital of Bollywood world. Born and brought up in a traditional Indian family, my love for cooking evolved by watching my mother cooking delicious food.

By profession, I am a physiotherapist and my passion for travel has given me a chance to taste mouth watering food from all corners of India. My eagerness to prepare these dishes at home led me to the path of cooking.

It has been quite an exciting journey of learning to cook and sharing the joy of food with friends & family.

Indian culture teaches us to treat every guest as God. That emotion of serving food to every person who lives or enters our house gives us the eternal feeling.

I gain immense satisfaction when I prepare, serve and see my family & friends enjoy the food. To take one step further, I would like to extend this joy of sharing various Indian dishes to broader community of foodies.

I welcome you all! Come and enjoy the experience !

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