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Let’s keep this sweet tradition alive! For the fourth time, we are going to prepare huge amounts of doughnuts - this time we'll be cooking at the Children's Home at Parkowa 12 in Krakow - to celebrate Fat Thursday – one of our favorite Polish traditions.

Have you ever tried to make your own doughnuts? How about 1200 of them? Marta, Konrad, Igor, Weruszka and Mira have accepted the challenge - and other Eataway cooks. Thank you!

Like last year, every single one of our doughnuts holds a very special meaning. When you order a box of doughnuts for yourself, you will be raising money for the Children's Home in Parkowa. Everything you pay will go towards building a veggie garden for them.

How it works:

1. You can order as many boxes of fresh doughnuts as you want (each box is 8 doughnuts). Click here to order.

2. On 28th of February, you are welcome to come over and collect them from the Children's Home at Parkowa 12 and say hi! If you order 12 boxes or more (ie 96 doughnuts or more), we will be glad to deliver them to you in Krakow for free if you prefer.

3. Each order you make will raise money that goes towards building a veggie garden for the Children's Home.

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Hello! I’m Marta, I'm sculptor, but i also love cooking. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of my beautiful home town, and more about art of fermented foods/probiotics/prebiotics, both through the website I run and with all the wonderful travellers I meet in person.

I also love cooking. That means delicious, home-made food freshly-prepared for my family and friends, and fun evenings of conversation and shared experiences. I’ve often thought when travelling myself how great it would be to have a meal with a local person.

Restaurants are great, but sometimes it seems it would be better to enjoy a home-cooked meal with someone who can also tell me a bit more about their experiences, their lives and their cities. So, I’ve decided to do exactly that. I cook for up to 12 people at my home in Krakow every Wednesday, sometimes Saturdays from around 7pm. And you’re invited. Please join me!

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