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Last year, precisely on Fat Thursday, I was invited to prepare homemade doughnuts during a TV show. Igor joined the adventure and it was great fun and a lot of stress on the way. Making doughnuts in TV studio is a challenge, believe me! Doughnut pastry should be prepared with care in a relaxed atmosphere. Yeast needs warmth and time to grow - none of these happen when you’re being broadcasted live. We managed, though!

This year I invited Konrad, who’s a top-class pastry chef to make doughnuts with me at my place. We’ll put my traditional recipe in use at night of 22/23rd of February so that you can receive your doughnuts fresh from the very morning. With each order you place, we’ll donate one box full of fresh doughnuts to elderly people.

Altogether, we’re planning to do 100 boxes = 400 doughnuts in one night!

How does it work?

1. Place your order here.

2. We’ll deliver your doughnuts to you on Tłusty Czwartek (23/02) and you’re also welcome to come to me and pick them up.

3. Mark and Maciek will deliver the boxes to MOPS - Municipal Social Welfare Centre and their volunteers will deliver them to the homes of elderly and lonely people.

We eat and we help!

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What's in the box?

Four homemade doughnuts!

Cztery rumiane pączki z domową konfiturą. Zgadnij jaką!

Four nicely-browned doughnuts with homemade confiture. You guess the flavour!

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Hi, I'm a co-founder of Eataway which connects people with home cooks and hosts all around the world. For the last 5 years, I have been teaching people how to cook delicious food at my home, and I also run food workshops such as the Pierogi Power Workshop, Fermentation Workshop and more. Recently I was the host of a big food event for The Krakow Pierogi Festival and Harvest Festival. (I also appear regularly on TV and radio as a guest, discussing subjects related to home cooking, the sharing economy and food tech.) I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of my beautiful hometown, and more about the art of Polish cuisine, both through the website and with all the wonderful travellers I meet in person.

My grandmother and my mother were great cooks. That means delicious, home-made food freshly-prepared.

Restaurants are great, but sometimes it seems it would be better to enjoy a home-cooked meal with someone who can also tell me a bit more about their experiences, their lives and their cities. So, I’ve decided to do exactly that. I cook for up to 14 people at my home in Krakow and you’re invited. Please join me!

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