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Traditional Polish Meal

Salwator Garden 3019

Summer is back to town and we are back to the garden!

As always we will be cooking for You Polish meals with seasonal vegetables and fruits – fresh spring/summer Polish taste serve in our old, secret garden situated in the center of the city!!

What You can expect?


- Bruschetta with homemade liver mousse served with shreded lemon peel

- Bruschetta with white beam mousse (vegetarian)

- Small potato pies with carrot and nigella seeds (vegetarian)

- Seasonal vegetable salad with bunc (polish white cheese)


- Traditional Polish soup or clear soup with homemade noodles

- Onion soup with croutons (vegetarian)

- Green pea soup with thyme (vegetarian)


- Classic Polish ‘bitki’ stew with homemade potato dumplings (kluski śląskie)

- Homemade dumplings with meat

- Homemade dumplings with cheese and potato (vegetarian)

served with cranberry and horseradish sauce/ beetroot and horseradish salad/ salted cucumbers/ asparagus /seasonal vegetable salad.


- Homemade apple pie

- Homemade cheesecake

So, we are waiting for You!!

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Tietoja kotikokista Elżbieta & Marianna

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Hey! We're Elżbieta and Marianna and we live in Salwator district of Kraków.

When we joined Eataway in spring, we organized all the events in our garden. In winter we decided to move the party to our 100-years-old house. Don't worry, all the ghosts are friendly and after a couple of shots od cherry vodka you can even sing a song with them! :))

What are we going to cook for you? We'll prepare mostly traditional Polish cuisine, often we use receipes from befor the war!

Every year from April to October we move our daily lives to the garden surrounding our house. Here we rest, work and, of course, eat.

We thought it would be a nice idea to invite some people every week for a dinner in the garden. If you like green, birds singing and old houses, there is a big chance you will love it here :) And what if it will be raining? Of coursem we will move the table inside the house. Feel invited!

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