Guests - Before Meal

What is Eataway?

Eataway is an online community where cooks can invite guests from all over the world to eat with them at their homes. If you like to cook and meet new people, or if you just like to be a guest and try new types of food, Eataway is perfect for you!

How do I book a meal that I like?

To book a meal, you will be prompted to log in. As soon as you have done so, you’ll be able to make your reservation.

How do I find meals and cooks?

Meals and cooks’ profiles are available publicly on our website without needing to log in. Just click ‘Meals’ or ‘Cooks’ in the top navigation to see what’s on offer.

How do I pay for my meal?

You’ll be asked to pay for your meal at the end of the booking process on the Eataway website. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer (automated bank transfer only available to Polish bank holders at this time). Once the booking is completed you will receive a Booking confirmation by e-mail.

Do I have to bring the confirmation of the reservation with me?

You will never be turned away if you forgot yours, but we encourage keeping a digital copy or printed version as it will contain important information you may need.

Will I receive confirmation of my reservation?

Yes. Once your reservation goes through you will receive a confirmation by email.

Should I contact the cook before the meal? How?

When you complete your booking there will be a box where you can send a message to the cook. It is always nice to send them a short introduction of you and your dining companions, as well as any issues with your diet. You can contact a cook at anytime by going to their profile and clicking “Contact (Name of Cook)”.

Is the chef obliged to respect my diet?

If you have special dietary restrictions we recommend you message with the cook before booking their meal to make sure that they can accommodate you.

Can I bring a gift for the host?

Of course!

Can I cancel/change my reservation ? And when can I do that?

At the moment, you can only cancel your reservation by emailing or calling +48 693275035

How can I find out where I’m going to eat and how to get there?

You can see a general location and time from the city centre on every meal’s page. After you complete your booking you will receive an automated message that gives you a link to the booking confirmation where  you will find the specific address and contact information of the cook.

How do I find a meal that I’m interested in and make a reservation?

You can view all the active meals by going to or by searching the city you are interested in from the homepage. When you have a meal you like and are ready to book you will just specify the number of guests and  click “Book Now”.

Guests - After Meal

Can I leave a review about the meal?

Of course! Once you’ve eaten, you will be sent a link where you can leave a review and rating for the cook and meal.

I still have unanswered questions. Can you help?

Of course! Write to us at and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can!

Can I thank the host for a great evening in a special way?

The best way to thank a host and show appreciation is by writing them a review after the meal. A cook’s reviews are what help them get more bookings and show the world their talents.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint about anything please email us at

How do I write a review?

After the meal, you'll be sent a request, by email, to write a review. We ask that you write an honest review, and tell others as much as possible about your experience.

Guests - During Meal

Can I take photos of the host and guests and publish them on social media/my blog?

We encourage you to take photos and videos of your experience and share them anywhere you can! Please follow us wherever you are on social media: Vine Instagram  Tumblr Twitter or Facebook!  And tag us in your posts so we can feature them too!

Can I leave a tip?

It is not obligatory, but if you would like you can.

Can I ask the host for recipes?

Of course. You are free to ask the cook whatever you would like.

What do I do if I'm running late for the meal?

If you know you will be late, please contact the host through the messaging system on, or even better contact them by phone directly.

Become a cook

How do I join Eataway as a cook?

It’s simple. Sign up as a cook on our site, add some basic information about yourself, your interests, your proposed meal and price per person, and add some photos of your food and of yourself. All done!

When will I be paid for my meals?

You will be paid within 24 hours of the meal ending.

What about the formal boring stuff?

You’re cooking at home, but depending on where you live, rules may vary. You should make sure you are aware of, and comply with any local regulations concerning food hygiene, taxes and licensing.

Who reviews my meals?

Your meals will be reviewed and rated by your guests.

When will I get my first booking?

Sometimes it can take a few weeks to get your first booking, so be patient!. It’s important to have very good photos, and a complete profile about yourself and your cooking. In addition, encourage your friends on social media to share your Eataway profile to spread the word!

How do I plan and manage my meals?

Simply register on this website ( as a cook, and you will have immediate access to your admin panel, where you can add, delete, update and manage your meals, guests and payments.

Do I have to pay to be an Eataway cook?

No. It is free to join. We take a 15% commission from each confirmed and paid booking that you receive. You can read the full details in our terms and conditions.

Do I have to be a professional cook?

Not at all! Eataway is simply about sharing home-made food and meeting new people. The most important thing is cooking with passion in a home environment - and amateur home cooks as well as professionals are welcome!