” The heart without an art would be just ‘eh’ ” – and cooking is definitely an art for me – and great pleasure and fun as well – even more when I can prepare and enjoy the meal with people. :)

I’m Kalina, I’ve been living in Krakow with my superfriendly flat coated retriever Ayla ( she loves guests too :), I’ve graduated in logistics and dog assisted therapy training, besides that I love travelling and exploring new tastes/flavours – I prefer spending money for food than for clothes;) and I love people so I praise you for this beautiful idea!:) Hope to host you very soon!:)

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I was again surprised by Mir's delicious food - takeaway this time- it was delivered warm, tasty and with beautiful small origami gift :) Mira is the best - 1000% recommended!
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very interesting food and new experience as I tried Lebanese cuisine for the first time. taka away just in time.
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Dinner at Mira's place was amazing - everything on top level - delicious food, spacious and beautiful apartment, nice international atmosphere and so interesting tips and cuisine information from the host. Me and my Friend were amazed, surely will get back to Mira any soon :) highly recommended !
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