Who will I meet?

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When we started Eataway just a few weeks ago, we were curious who would turn up. We’ve been amazed not only by the genuine warmth of the guests we have welcomed into our home (thanks, folks, for the bottles of wine and delicious nut vodka!), but also by the amazing lives they live. Even in the short space of a mealtime, we’ve heard some incredible stories, and for a while, we’ve been transported to places so different from our own (that’s Kraków, by the way). Recently, we’ve hosted a Greek physiotherapist, British web developer, accordion player from Canada, electrical engineer, surgeon from Germany, nurses from Malta, an engineer from Denmark, and Norwegian retro art collector from Norway, and Scottish prison warder, amongst others. We’ve had people travelling alone, and parties of friends who have known each other almost all their lives. We’ve hosted people of all ages.

But is it just us who are captivated by meeting such people? I don’t think so. Our son enjoyed a great meal with Ivanov last week. When I asked him about the evening, naturally he talked about the excellent food. But his eyes really lit up when he started recalling his conversation with John and his brothers from The United States. John, it turns out, has had a fascinating career, including many years designing US jet engines. It’s not every day you get to meet someone with such a story…

This evening we will be hosting 8 people from Norway, 3 from the United States, and 1 from Zanzibar (with Polish roots, and brought up in France). We are looking forward to meeting them. We will share with them some rather delicious, traditional Polish food – tonight’s menu is sour rye soup (żurek), followed by pork fillet in smoked plum sauce with mashed potato, beetroot and baby cabbage, and a dessert of Cracovian cheesecake and fruit meringue. I am sure they will enjoy it, but I hope they find a lot more than just food, and leave with more than simply full stomachs. And if you are planning to come to an Eataway meal soon – I hope you will be thinking like us – not only “what will I eat?”, but also “who will I meet?”