The Power of Pierogi

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In the world of food, pierogi are rather small and unassuming. They are just little white dumplings. But freshly-made and cooked correctly, they can be sensational. We found this out when we ate them at Kasia Leśniak’s home. Chances are, however, if you have only ever eaten them at a restaurant (even a decent one), you’ve never really tasted them at their best. That’s because restaurants make or buy them in bulk frozen, and then just boil them up to serve. Last Sunday, we decided to try making this little marvel at home. What did we learn?

  • Making the dough into a perfectly elastic consistency takes forever, and requires enormous physical effort. A friendly Olympian wrestler would certainly be helpful
  • Rolling above-mentioned dough into very thin sheets takes even longer
  • Cutting up the dough and folding it into little parcels with various fillings is addictive, and quite therapeutic
  • It all takes about an hour and a half to make, and about 4 minutes to eat

But the most important thing we learned was that the whole process of making and eating them was a great shared event. That turned an ordinary Sunday into an special time with family and friends. That’s the real power of pierogi.