Eataway Saturdays: Luscious afternoon at Andrzej’s summer house

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There’s been a lot going on at Eataway HQ lately. New cooks, new meals, new ideas. We’ve been rushing, but we haven’t forgot what’s driving us: Food + People. Marta and Magda took some time last weekend to cut off and slow down. What could be better than a Saturday’s trip to visit one of our new cooks? Not much, so we decided to go for it and meet Andrzej at Zrąb nearby Zamość during a lovely summer weekend.


The only issue - we had no clue how to get there. There was no train, nor a direct bus, and our car was broken. Blablacar turned out to be our last resort. Marta quickly booked a ride with Angelika and soon after we were in a car accompanied by Magda, who joined us along the way. What happened? Instant friendship happened. We didn’t even the get chance to even start complaining about the length of the journey.Blablacar is way more than simply another sharing economy business, and that’s what we aim for at Eataway - to create experiences rather than services.

Snails, herbs and pickles

Our trip was amazing, but what we were really looking forward to was meeting Andrzej at his summer house. We didn’t really know what to expect, we just knew that Andrzej was as passionate about cooking as he is about hunting. What actually happened during that weekend was mind-blowing. Andrzej and his family made us feel like home. We got the chance to try Kłobuka Fish Soup, snails from his own farm, home-made pork sausage, roasted venison and last but not least - cebularz lubelski (a onion filled bread typical of the Lubelskie region). The food that Andrzej serves was spiced up with local herbs and served with pickles and freshly baked bread. Not only did we experience a proper multi-generational family feast accompanied with homemade liquors, but we ended up spending a night in hammocks in Andrzej’s garden. What a weekend!

An open door

Andrzej’s approach to food reminded us about the old way of celebrating life. To us, it wasn’t just a meal, it was a real gathering. Meal at his place is a must, not only for tourists craving a local experience, but for anyone who would love to taste the flavours of homegrown and homemade food made with passion. Make sure to check what Andrzej has prepared for his upcoming Eataway meal and if Zrąb seems unreachable for you, make a sigh of relief now - Andrzej is moving back to Kraków in winter. In the meanwhile you can visit one of our Cracow's cooks. Hope to meet you at the table!