Feature Friday: Meet our cook Kasia Mirecka

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If you follow our cook Kasia Mirecka's meals you will see that she is constantly changing what she offers. Drawing inspiration from her travels and the many places she has called home. On any given week you may join her and have your tastebuds transported to Cuba, Florida, Greece, or Mexico! And when she's not cooking at her home in Warsaw, Poland you can find her manning her Food Truck La Chica Sandwicheria in the city as well. To join Kasia for an Eataway meal check out her cook's profile and click Meals.  We sat down with Kasia to get to know more about her cooking style and how food has inspired her life...

What does food mean to you?

Absolute pleasure. It makes me happy when I’m sad and makes me even more happy when I’m happy already. I think about food ALL THE TIME!

How did you learn to cook? Was cooking always a part of your life?

I think it was in Key West, Florida where I spent 2 years. I was 26, and before I got there I was traveling around the world getting inspiration. In Key West I found time, and amazing ingredients all around me; such as, seafood, high quality meat and exotic fruits and veggies. Also the place was very multicultural, where many cuisines were meeting, and this was very interesting to me. I was waiting tables in local restaurants where my love for food was growing every day. I started to spend all my days in my kitchen, also reading and watching everything where there was food involved.

What do you like the most about hosting?

Honestly I just like making people happy. I love cooking for them and sharing stories about life. I'm happy seeing them have fun, that makes me feel like I’m doing something quite useful and unique in a way.

What is the most unforgettable meal you have ever had?

Wow, that is a difficult one..maybe when my best friends visited me and my boyfriend Jacek in Florida and we all tried for the first time live lobsters. We had tons of fun all night preparing them. I will never forget the taste of lobster with melted butter..it’s simple and delicious. Maybe lobster sounds pretentious but who cares when it’s so delicious! Especially when you share it with people you love. I knew also that it was my best friend's food dream and it was great to make her dream come true - that made the meal so special.

A favorite memory from hosting an Eataway meal?

I guess from my first dinner..when the guests left and I realized that it went great! That they were happy and I was happy- it was a wonderful feeling.

What is one ingredient you always have in your house?


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

PASTA without a doubt- this is my comfort food.

If you could invite 3 people in the universe to one of your meals, who would you choose?

Anthony Bourdain so we could hear the best food stories, Stevie Wonder to make him sing during my meal, andddd Bradley Cooper…. just to look at him.

The funniest or most interesting thing that has happened while you have been hosting an Eataway meal?

When I burned caramel for the third time during one night-  you should have seen my face, and I’m not writing what I said then...it was smoky and everybody was laughing.

Funniest cooking story?

I guess the same story with lobsters..we gave them names and were dancing with them!

Your table is full of travelers, what do you suggest they do in Warsaw?

Bicycle trip along the Vistula and it’s banks (during summer). Take a lift to the top of Pałac Kultury i Nauki. Take a food trip from "bary mleczne", to "u Kucharzy". Horse races in Służewiec and a walk on library gardens (BUW).

Who is your favorite Eataway cook to visit on nights you're not cooking?

I don’t have any yet but I’m dying to try Mira’s food! Badly!

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Simple - eating and hanging out with my best friends.

What is your cooking style like? Do you listen to music, plan ahead, make a mess, etc…

I always listen to music. When I cook I like 80’s music- I’m a disco queen! I make plan ahead and I’m a very clean cook, but I never follow recipes till the end.

What do you do other than cook for Eataway? (Occupation, family, etc..)

I run a food truck with cuban sandwiches, La Chica Sandwicheria. During the winter it is closed but we are opening it again in April. Come visit!

What is your favorite food?

Seafood, but in terms of cuisine I love Carribean, Mediterranean, Asian, and American.

How did you learn about Eataway?

From the Internet

What does Eataway mean to you?

It represents a huge opportunity to do what I love to do. I can cook for people and share with them not only my food but life stories. I love the fact it’s international so I can still travel in a way and learn different perspectives which has always been important to me.  It’s a great platform that combines all cooks and lets us connect better with world. 

What would you tell a potential cook that is nervous about hosting a meal?

Be yourself! And take care of your guests like you do your family. All people that are coming for these dinners are super open and fun so there is nothing to worry about.