Feature Friday: Sheuli Bhowal

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Born in East India where food is a celebration, and brought up in a traditional family, Sheuli leaned to cook from her mother, grandmother, and other women in her family. Sheuli says, "Cooking is my passion and I love cooking for people.  I’ve lived in various cities in India and spent a significant part of my life in a metropolitan environment.  Through this, I’ve had the experience of sharing different cooking styles with other friends from various part of India. I came to Krakow with my husband and one child 9 years ago. Here, I honed my European cuisine cooking skills by sharing and cooking for various international cooking clubs in Krakow. I shortly worked as a food advisor to an Indian restaurant in Krakow operated by a Polish acquaintance. My knowledge of cooking has matured over the years and I have adapted the all-Indian menu that I know and love, to the local taste; for getting the best of eating experience from Indian authentic food." Join Sheuli for a meal in Krakow, Poland.

What does food mean to you?

For me food is much more than survival. It is an art and a passion mixed together on a plate. When I see people are cherishing the food, it is my biggest satisfaction.

How did you learn to cook? Was cooking always part of your life?

All traditional dishes I learned from my mother and grandmother with the signature of our family tradition. I was always passionate about cooking and feeding people. When I was young, I was assisting my mother and grandmother and occasionally cooking the entire dish. When I began my own family after marriage, cooking became an integral part of my life. I received a new cooking life when I started cooking for Eataway and feeding many different people form different parts of the world.

What do you like most about hosting?

Meeting new people and sharing with them food from India. Also learning about the culture of various people from all over the world.

What is the most unforgettable meal you hosted?

The first meal. Excitement was at its peak. We came across a fan of Indian food. Some of the guests have repeated their visit to my meal a few times.

What is one ingredient which you always have at your house?

It is my passion for food, which always goes with my cooking.

What is family’s favorite thing you cook for them?

Biryani, it's a royal one pot dish, which I learned from my grandfather.

What is something interesting about your country's food culture?

Indian food is all about the blending of spices for their aroma, taste and medical value.

You can invite any 3 people in the world to your next meal- who do you invite?

My mother who gave me my first lessons for cooking, my grandmother, and Marta Bradshaw who created the Eataway platform.

Your table is full of travelers, what do you suggest they do in Krakow?

Visit the old town and Wawel Caslte, a tour of the salt mines in Wieliczka, and to eat a meal with another Eataway cook! 

What is your favorite things to do in your spare time?

Listening to music. 

What is your favorite food?

I love to try different food, it's difficult  to choose just one favorite!

How did you learn about Eataway?

One of my very close friends gave me the information.

 What does Eataway mean to you?

I see it as a platform to present Indian food from my own home kitchen to the world. This was never possible before.  

What would you tell a potential cook that is nervous about hosting a meal?

Prepare your food well and it shall be a great fun. 


You can join Sheuli for a meal in Krakow, Poland.