Feature Friday: Enda Pärisma

Vaatamisi: 7272

Enda is living a very active life in Tallinn, Estonia. She has a lot of interests and hobbies like art and environmental sciences. You can talk with her about almost anything! She's proud to be Estonian and will be happy to show you her beautiful city. We asked her a couple of questions about her experience with cooking and organizing Eataway meals. To book a place at one of them visit Enda's profile!

Why did you decide to join Eataway?

The main reason, of course, is that I like to cook and host .. sometimes :)
I have been a couchsurfing host for many years but for some personal reasons haven't been hosting many people during recent years. But I miss the opportunity to meet new people, sit at the table with them and talk about different topics. Yes, there are always my friends but they are not new people with their new experience. So when I heard of Eataway I joined at once. Actually it was one of my friends who pointed it out for me.
I hope I will have some wonderful dinners with interesting guests via Eataway.

How did you learn how to cook?  

The honest answer: I don't know. I was not into cooking as a child, mainly because my mother did lot of cooking and there was no need. She is really as good a cook as my grandma was. 
Still I remember when mom was in hospital for around a week and I had to do some cooking (she pre-cooked most things). I was around 11 yrs old. Almost the only thing I can remember was my first ever flour-milk sauce.. It was burnt, it had clumps in it, it looked and tasted awful but my father was still saying it's pretty good :)
From my teenage days I can remember some cakes and since then... I have just been cooking. If I needed some help I called my mom or grandma, also I have some classic basic cookbooks from Soviet times. And nowadays, of course, there is the internet.
Anyway, it seems, I have learned cooking just by doing it and also maybe it's in my genes.

What is the most unforgettable meal you have ever had?

This is hard to answer :) To make it easy for me I will not go back much in time. It was around a year ago in Turkey. We were in a small village waiting for our mains and, without ordering, the owner came served us warm pita breads, butter and some adjika kind of sauce as appetizers. And when thinking of it I still have the taste of fresh bread with cold butter and sauce in my mouth :)
I have to add we were not particulary hungry at that moment so it was not that kind of taste that happens when you haven't been eating for ages.

What is something interesting about your country's food culture that you would like to share at your meal?

I have to admit there is not real "Estonian cuisine" but it's more or less a mix of German, Swedish and Russian influences. We eat here a lot of potatoes, a lot of pork, we have sauerkraut but also smetana and herring. Of course, as a northern country we have black rye bread here. Centuries ago it was for poor people, the white bread was only for landlords and "better" people. But it's the history of long ago. Anyway most of us have some black bread at home always. 
During Soviet time we had to be very creative and my mother was using very many subproducts of meat for example. Also I think some of my childhood desserts (like semolina mousse I'm having in my menus) are creations of times when we had not many products available.

Which Eataway cook would you like to meet or visit one day?

I would like to meet Magdalena in Krakow and make polish pierogi with her :)