A Meal at the Market

Vaatamisi: 8330

With Eataway, our aim is to bring visitors into our homes, and share our food and our experiences in our most personal surroundings. But this Sunday, we are also joining up with Art & Food Bazar to enjoy shared food in the place where most of our meal preparation starts – in the local marketplace. We all know the excitement of walking down rows of fresh cheeses, freshly-smoked hams, and newly-gathered fruit, with their overwhelming aromas promising a delicious supper. What could be better, therefore, than eating out in amongst the market stalls themselves?

It’s a fantastic initiative, inspired by Barcelona’s Boqueria, but without the hoards of tourists, and takes place in Krakow’s Stary Kleparz, just a short stroll from the Market Square ! If you can, why not join us this Sunday at 3pm? You will be able to sample local Polish specialities, including cheeses and smoked trout, enjoy some wine and above all – great company. For more information and booking, click here!