5 things you didn’t know about Eataway meals

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Are there any Eataway virgins? I bet that you were already thinking about joining an Eataway meal, but you didn't really know how an Eataway meal looks from a guest's perspective. I'm stoked to guide you through an Eataway 101 guide. Your part of the homework... is to try it yourself. 

Recently, in the article published by We the Crowd, I shared my insights about using Eataway as a guest way before I started co-creating the project, so I know how it feels like to be in your shoes. I’m sure there are many of you out there who are afraid to try Eataway. It’s completely understandable, new things are a bit scary. I hope that I can help you to dip your toe into the water from the safety of your couch, and maybe help you to find your Eataway niche :) Let’s get started!

1. No dress code

What should I wear? What’s the dress code? Will I need a suit? Very common questions. The answer is: no dress code :) Wear what you want and most importantly of all: what you feel comfortable in! Really. There are some who wear suits, some who come in T-shirts and others who are winter jumper lovers. Nobody will judge you :)


This is Marta, one of Eataway founders. Christmas tree outfit always fashionable, isn’t it?

2. Special occasions

Plenty of people, every month, use an Eataway meal as a… birthday present, anniversary dinner, a meeting with old friends... I can tell you that this is also an awesome idea for a date! Nothing is better than great food with great people. A pretty original date idea and a fantastic experience.

 Birthday Cake

Birthday cake is necessary :)

3. It's not only about food.

We’re talking about the experience. We call it a “meal”, but in the end, everything is always about the people, isn’t it? Eataway is not only about the food but also experiencing new cultures plays an important role. I was lucky enough to get a chance to take part in Sheuli’s Holi Feast from India. Holi is an Indian festival of colours with a very rich tradition. It has its own dishes, but what makes the time with Sheuli is the fun provided by her and her husband, Prodi. We watched very funny videos straight from Holi’s heart, Agra, and we had an opportunity to create some beautiful and colourful paintings.

Every cook shares more than just food! Look at Sumona, she uses henna to paint awesome tattoos... only temporary, and only for those who want them, of course :) Love that!



This is Holi, you need colours, don’t you? :)

4. Strangers who become your friends… 

Quite a number of Eataway cooks and guests became my friends after we shared a meal. It’s true! :) Food is a very good icebreaker to help start a conversation and with a glass of wine it’s even easier ;) I always say that only cool people join Eataway meals, ‘cause they’re crazy enough to a visit stranger’s house. And I’m sure that this is certainly true as well! :)

Eataway Picnic

Friends, friends everywhere!

5. International community

Have you ever sat around a table with people from 5 different countries? At an Eataway meal it’s a pretty normal situation, yet still an extraordinary experience! 5 different backgrounds, points of view and cultures. Connected by food. Doesn’t it sound just outstanding? Guess what, it is. At Mira’s, for instance, I’ve had the chance to share food with Koreans, Saudi Arabians, Americans, Polish and Italians, all at the same time! You’ll love it :)

Eataway Family

I hope that these 5 points will encourage you to take the first step on your Eataway adventure. As a guest or maybe… as a cook? Magic happens when great people come together, I'm sure you're familiar with this feeling. Don’t hesitate to join our community; let’s meet and enjoy a meal!

Grzegorz Górzyński