10 Reasons Why You Should Host an Eataway Meal

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If you’re not sure about hosting your own Eataway meal, here are some tips why you should! Worried about being a guest? Read our other blog post “10 Reasons Why You Should Go To An Eataway Meal”.  Becoming an Eataway cook and hosting guests in your home is a truly unique experience, and we would love to have you join us in the social dining movement….


1. Test Kitchen: Put your skills to the test to see if you are ready for a venture in the restaurant world.

Ever dreamt of opening your own restaurant? Do you have drafts of menus, sketches of dining rooms, or the ideal name already picked out? Even if you’ve never gone that far with the thought, becoming an Eataway cook is a great first step in achieving your goal. Opening a restaurant requires hiring a full staff, investing loads of money, and making some risky financial decisions, so before you make such a drastic move, consider turning your apartment into your first restaurant! Test your recipes, host guests, practice your customer service skills, and see if you’ve really got what it takes to be a restaurateur. Don’t believe this is possible? Then you haven’t heard of Rachel Khoo. She might not have used Eataway to get her start, but she did turn her studio apartment into a 2-person restaurant, which eventually led to a slew of published cookbooks, television appearances, and a strong presence in the culinary world! Anything is possible and we are here to help you every step of the way.


2. Get Feedback from Strangers!

Your husband, wife, mum, or dad are great people to test your recipes and cooking skills on, but let’s be honest, they may be a little biased with their answers. With Eataway you can have an audience for all your dishes and get honest feedback from guests. Hearing how great your cooking and hosting skills are from people you’ve never met before will give you the encouragement to push you forward in this new venture.


3. Meet new people - meet your neighbours!

You will see once you start that your dining table will start to fill up with people from far away, but also very close by! We’ve had many guests book with hosts that live in the same building as them, or just down the street. Opening your home and sharing meals with the community will bring a whole new type of interaction into your home. You may meet travellers from far away and hopefully keep in touch with them! Or you may make connections within your own neighbourhood. Either way, by becoming an Eataway cook you will be sure to meet new people! And as many dinners we’ve attended have gone, you may even get to go out with your guests after the meal to continue the evening! It’s totally up to you how much interaction you want to have with guests!


4. Share your culture with the world.

No matter where you go in life, you’re always proud of home. Whether you are an expat that can share your culture with your new community, or a local in a city that can share your culture with travellers and tourists, there is a place for you at Eataway. This is a chance to take the home-cooked meals you know so well, and share them with the world. Revive old family recipes that have been handed down and give them an entirely new audience.


5. Join a community of people.

Not only will you make connections with guests from all walks of life, you will also join a group of passionate people from all over that are here for you! Whether it is the Eataway team, always an email or phone call away, or another Eataway cook, you will have a support system unlike any other. Join the private Facebook group meant to allow cooks, and the Eataway team, to interact with each other and ask questions or share ideas. Use the messaging system on Eataway.com to contact any cook. And if you want, start having get togethers with the other cooks in your area! We encourage cooks to become friends, and recommend each others’ meals to guests!


6. Explore your cooking abilities and learn new skills.

There’s no better way to expand your cooking skills than by practice, and by becoming an Eataway cook you will give yourself the opportunity to practice all the time! Work on new recipes, develop new menus, learn new skills. Eataway gives you the motivation to take your cooking to the next level.


7. It doesn’t have to be dinner.

The best thing about Eataway? There are no limits to what you can do! Prefer to cook breakfast foods? Great! Would rather do vegan dinners? Even better! You are the cook, you are in charge. Host an appetiser and cocktail hour, a one-course dinner, a take-away lunch, a seven-course wine dinner, a greasy breakfast, a coffee and cakes brunch… anything is possible!


8. A great excuse to go shopping!

The best reason why you should host an Eataway meal? Guilt-free shopping! You’ll have no trouble explaining why you had to spend that week’s pay-check on new plates and glassware you’ve always wanted! Or maybe a new knife or pan! I mean honestly, it’s an investment.


9. Turn your passion or hobby into a career.

If you’ve considered cooking, or even baking, your hobby or passion for some time now, then this is your chance to turn it into something great! You can finally make a profit doing something you love. We like to think of Eataway as your opportunity to become a freelance cook and allow yourself to create a successful career where you have all the control. You set the menu, the pricing, the hours, everything. Work from home, work when you want. Work as a freelance cook.


10. Never have leftovers again!

If you like to cook or cook a lot you may find yourself with too much food! Stop the waste, and start sharing your meals. Have a dining room table for 4? Start filling those seats and sharing your food today.

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