10 Reasons Why You Should Go To an Eataway Meal

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Feeling a bit nervous about going to your first social-dining experience? Here are 10 reasons why you should go!

1. Taste new foods, explore new cultures…

Whether you are traveling and in a new city where you can dine at a local’s table, or want to go to your Korean neighbour’s house to try her family’s recipes - use Eataway to explore cultures through food. Every city has cooks focused on the local food culture, but also expat cooks that can introduce you to the culture of their homeland. Travel to India, Guatemala, South Korea, France, Poland or more without ever leaving your neighbourhood! See what your neighbours are cooking today.

2. Meet new people, make new friends, join a community

At every Eataway meal you will be given an opportunity to meet new people. Whether you connect with your host, or the others gathered around the table, you’ll be sure to make lasting connections even from just one dinner.

3. Get tips about the city from a local

If you’re traveling, not only will you have a home cook at your disposal to ask food-related questions to, but you’ll also have a city-expert for a night! Ask your host where they like to go in the city you’re visiting and get insider tips!

4. Maximise your experience in a city

Whether you’ve just moved to a city, are just visiting, or have been there for years, maximise your experience in the city by connecting with others over a meal! If you’re lucky, the group you dine with may end up going out after the meal! As a traveller, this is the perfect way to make sure you are connecting with locals in a city, and not just going along the typical tourist track.

5. See how local people live

Not only will you get to taste a local person’s food, but you will also be invited into their home. See how locals in a city live, what their apartments and homes are like, really get to know a place.

6. Eating at the cook’s table

Be the only table in the “restaurant.” Normally to eat table-side to a cook is an expensive and mostly unavailable experience, and having one-on-one attention is almost impossible in a restaurant. But with Eataway every meal you will enjoy with the cook. You often get to watch them prepare the meal, and at the least, they will join you at the table where you will have the opportunity to ask them anything and everything about their cooking!

7. Get out of your comfort zone

If you’ve never tried social dining before, now is your chance! Get out of your comfort zone, and experience something new. Perfect for a date night, or night out with friends, which leads to our next point…

8. It’s more than just dinner, it’s a dinner party!

Gathering around a table, in a cook’s home, is something more intimate than what a restaurant can offer, but also something exciting. Like the community tables popular in Los Angeles and New York, you will gather with a group of strangers you’ve never met before, and a dinner party will unfold… Who will be the fun and crazy one? The quiet one? You never know who’s coming to dinner. 

9. Never dine alone

Since the cook is always there, and most likely many other guests, you can feel totally comfortable booking a spot for just yourself! You’ll never dine alone again!

10. Support your local community

Eataway is giving an opportunity to local cooks, your neighbours, maybe even friends, get out there and support them! Eataway is more than a company, it’s a community, and we need you to help it grow stronger. Help expand Eataway in your community by attending meals there.