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Real Taste of Turkey

Dear fellow foodies, I'd like to invite you to my first Eataway meal, Real Taste of Turkey. I will cook some of my favourite Turkish food. Of course, the food is a tool that brings us together. I will be sharing stories related my home county's culture & traditions with you. Come along, enjoy the good food and company.

**Feel free to let me know if there is any specific Turkish food you want me to cook. I will do my best to accommodate your request :)

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Kokast, Goksel


My name is Goksel, I am from Turkey. I have been living in Poland for 3 years. I am a freelancer. I love cooking, enjoying good food and tasting good craft beers.

The reason why I am here is I believe the idea of Eataway. Food connects people, I'd like to connect with like-minded people and share my food and knowledge about Turkey.

If you would like to enjoy good Turkish food then join me and experience the real taste of Turkey.

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