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This meal will show the height of Korean traditional tastes.

Most Korean meals use natural and fermented foods. Fermented soy bean paste, pepper paste and soy sauce makes the majority of sauces, which are used for the main courses. My wish is that you gain an even bigger interest in Korea after this meal.

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Kokast, Mira

verified host

The youngest of 6 sisters, Mira was born and brought up in the town of Haenam, famous across the country for its food. Mira was taught how to cook in a family setting, and was also brought up with a love of fresh ingredients – both from the family property, and from the nearby sea.

Mira has been living in Krakow for over 7 years, and has even created her own small garden on her terrace in Salwator where she grows vegetables and herbs essential to create genuine Korean food. She loves cooking and sharing her food and culture with others. Join her for a genuine Korean experience in Krakow !

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