Rice'n'Curry 2011


Based on popular demand of my Yummy India shared meal, I have prepared a takeaway version of some of my guest's favourite dishes - this time as a simple 2-pot version. Welcome Rice'n'Curry!

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Chicken Masala चिकन मसाला

Kurczak marynowany przez noc w jogurcie i przyprawach, podawany w sosie pomidorowym z pełnym bukietem indyjskich przypraw i oprószony świeżą kolendrą.

Curry marinated overnight with yogurt and spices, cooked with onion and tomato with whole spices garnished with coriander.

Jeera Rice जीरा राइस

Ryż basmati przyprawiony kuminem wraz z innymi indyjskimi przyprawami, dzięki temu aromat i smak ryżu basmati jest jeszcze bardziej intensywny.

Basmati rice cooked and tempered with cumin and some whole spices. This preparation intensifies the aromatic flavour.

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I was born in East India where food is a celebration. Brought up in a traditional family, I learnt cooking from Mother, Grandmother and other ladies within the family.

Cooking is my passion and I love cooking for people. I lived in various cities in India and spent a significant part of my life in a metropolitan environment. Through this, I had the experience of sharing different cooking styles with other friends from various part of India. I came to Krakow with my husband and one child 12 years ago. Here, I honed my European cuisine cooking skills by sharing and cooking for various international cooking clubs at Krakow. I shortly worked as food adviser to an Indian restaurant in Krakow operated by a Polish acquaintance. My knowledge of cooking has matured over the years and I have adapted the all-Indian menu that I know and love, to the local taste; for getting the best of eating experience from Indian authentic food.

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