My name is Christiane, I am from Germany and have been living and working (in HR) in Krakow since 2010. A mediocre cook myself, I love all kinds of Asian and Middle Eastern food and have been lucky enough to travel quite a lot in those regions.

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3 años
Christiane reviewed a meal with Mira
The food Mira prepared was just perfect. My personal favorite were the different Kimchis but everything from soup to dessert was extremely tasty. Thanks you so much for this great experience!
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Kraków, Poland
3 años
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Viernes, 28 Octubre @ 19:00
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Christiane reviewed a meal with Sumona
The evening at Sumona's place exceeded my expectations. Apart from getting to taste amazing Bangladeshi vegetarian food (including my personal favourite, the daal) we were also welcomed very warmly by Sumona and her family, enjoyed talking and playing games together and even got beautiful henna designs on our hands. I will be back for sure :)
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Perth, Australia
4 años
Christiane booked a meal with Sumona in Kraków
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A Feast for Vegetarians
Viernes, 23 Septiembre @ 19:00
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