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2 años
Adam ordered a home cooked takeaway from Zara in Kraków
10 PLN
Domingo, 28 Enero @ 11:00
71 reviews
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3 años
Adam reviewed a meal with Khawla
Overall, it was a really pleasant and refreshing experience. The food was really tasty, I loved every dish that was served. Not only Khawla is a great cook - she was also an excellent host, talking vividly about every single one of her dishes, Morrocan cuisine and more. The whole atmosphere made me feel like I was at home, with my family, which was something entirely new and really nice for me. I would recommend eating with Khawla to anybody!
3 años
Adam booked a meal with Khawla in Kraków
60 PLN
Sábado, 17 Diciembre @ 19:30
80 reviews
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Adam joined Eataway in Wodzisław Śląski