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Robert posted a food product in Kraków
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marta reviewed a meal with Victor
That was amazing! Super tasty food, great atmosphere and the surprise no one expected but everyone enjoyed.
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Lukas ordered a homemade product from Paula in Warsaw
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Katarzyna posted a shared meal in Kraków
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Jueves, 4 Junio @ 19:00
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Olesia reviewed a meal with Robert
That Saturday morning definitely exceeded my expectations. A lot of useful information and a lovely group of people, nice talks while baking bread. The best way to start your weekend :)
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20 feb 2020

Radio Krakow

2000 doughnuts for a good cause

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27 jul 2019

Pytanie na śniadanie

Does our eating position affect our health? Eataway answers!

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18 jul 2019

Madame Ginger

Eataway with Marta in Krakow!

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11 jul 2019

Gazeta Weekend

 It's never too late to change life for the better

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