Hello! My idea of cooking is that it must be healthy, which means using ingredients of the highest quality, with no artificial additives at all, plenty of fresh and dried herbs, and Himalayan salt. Root vegetables are central to my cooking, the best being our own Polish ones, such as carrots, parsnips, celery and beetroot.

At the same time, I cook lots of meals with a low glucose index, which basically means avoiding wheat and sugar. So I am very happy to cook for anyone who has special dietary requirements.

80 PLN
Joanna   Kraków
Frage nach einem Termin @ 19:00
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3 Jahre
Joanna booked a meal with Michał in Kraków
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Fundraiser for Brześć Kids!
Mo, 27 Nov @ 19:30
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3 Jahre
Joanna reviewed a meal with Sheuli
The best dinner, variety of dishes, great atmosphere, wonderful company of hosts, thank you !
3 Jahre
Joanna booked a meal with Sheuli in Kraków
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Authentic Indian curry!
Fr, 4 Aug @ 19:00
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