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MacieKimchi 1501

Simple Kimchi, vegan and spicy. There's approx. 300 gr per portion. I'm also happy to exchange for jams. :)

Über den Koch, Maciek

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I'm a community manager at Eataway. Always making my best to ensure your great experience with our platform, both if you're a cook and a guest.

25, but still feeling 18. I'm passionate about food, bikes and budget travelling. Eversearching for a perfect solution to combine it all. My travel essentials: blender and garlic masher.

Always on the run.

People tell me that I'm good at creating bonds.

In my free time, I'm trying to make a perfect blend in the kitchen and elsewhere with my beloved, Martyna. Our speciality? Say eggplants, tahini, chickpeas, garlic and lemon. Middle-east inspired feasts.

What keeps me fueled:

#vegangoods #bmx #tedxkrakow #hardcorepunk

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