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Michał reviewed a meal with Mai & Maciej
If you want the true Japanese food experience Mai & Majic are the people you should definitely visit. They're both very friendly and welcoming people and they make you feel like at home right away. They love travelling and have quite a few funny stories to tell from their journeys. The meal they prepared for me and a friend of mine was superb! I especially loved the seasoned leek and the ice-cream with salty-sweet, chocolate potato chips. I've never had anything like it before and it tasted delicious. Oh, and if you fail to use the chopsticks (like me) they have a couple tricks up their sleeves so you don't have to worry! Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner and would recommend it to anyone.
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Michał reviewed a meal with Qing/Effy
Effy is very friendly and open person that knows her way around the kitchen. The food she prepared was delicious (especially the sauce) and hand made as in prepared from scratch. She even made her own nudles which taste amazing! I've never had vegan food before so it was quite an experience for me!
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Michał booked a meal with Mai & Majic in Warsaw
49 PLN
út, 10 dub @ 19:00
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Michał booked a meal with Qing/Effy in Warsaw
30 PLN
čt, 22 břez @ 13:00
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Michał reviewed a meal with Ewelina
Ewelina is a very open and kind person that has incredible cooking skills. From the start, she'll make you feel like at home. A friend of mine and I were the only ones attending the dinner via EatAway so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that she invited over some of her friends - very nice and friendly people. As for the food, the meat for Pastrami Sandwich had been being prepared for 14 days prior to the dinner (!) and as well as the homemade fries tasted like heaven. It was a truly delicious and amazing meal!
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Michał booked a meal with Ewelina in Warsaw
45 PLN
so, 27 led. @ 20:00
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