Take Uber to Eataway

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Eataway’s simple idea for cooks and guests has been compared to Uber’s for taxis and riders, so who better to pair up with to provide transport to and from Eataway meals than Uber itself? Uber and Eataway have teamed up to offer two free rides for anyone wanting to get to and from an Eataway meal. How great is that? Any new user who installs the app on their phone, can simply use the promotional code ‘eataway’ to get 2 x 25 PLN in free Uber rides – more than enough to get up to 4 people to and from an Eataway meal. Thanks, Uber!

This is also a great chance to remind people from overseas who already use Uber, that Uber rides are available both in Krakow and Warsaw (Eataway will also be opening in the Polish capital shortly), so don’t forget you can just use your Uber app when you come here on holiday, and avoid the hassle of local taxis and fares….