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Put your helmet on! 4295

My friend Ewa & me we would normally cook something from Indian or Middle East cuisine – but not this time!

We've decided to connect our superpowers and fly away!

We're heading to vegan cosmos - dishes normally prepared with meat and fish this time in animal-friendly version.

It means – a challenge! Put your helmet on!

Inspirations: Hungarian & Polish cuisine. Only vegan!

   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Martyna

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Hello foodies from all over the world!

I am Martyna and at the moment I live in Kraków, Poland. This is also a place where on daily basis I prepare my meals!

Kitchen table is the most important spot in the house, isn't it? I am in love with the idea of sharing great moments and inspiring ideas at the table while eating high-quality, seasonal and plant-based food. Wanna join?

Coming to my dinner you may expect mainly Middle-East inspirations and Indian cuisine. I use diverse kind of seeds, nuts, fresh fruits & veggies. And you should be prepared for some chocolate-based sweets as well!

When our stomachs will be full and happy we could talk about travels, books, movies and stories of our lives!

Feel invited - hope to see you soon!

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