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Dosa Mornings - Savory Vegan Crapes 400

Dose or Dosa is a very popular breakfast in Southern India and is an emotion for Bangloreans. It is made in every household, yet you will find numerous people, lining up in shops to get themselves a plate of this roasted goodness!

What is Dose ? Dose is a savory, vegan crepe made with a finely ground paste of soaked Rice and lentils, fermented overnight, roasted to perfection on a iron pan. It is served with a delicately spiced coconut chutney, seasoned with tempering and a potato, onion mash (Palya) seasoned with Indian spices.

So come along and enjoy a lovely plate of Dosa, just like my Mother makes it, how my friends like it and how you’ll love ….

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About the cook, Jyothsna


A conversationalist getting high over food and good conversations. I believe that food is the language of love and nothing connects people better than it.

I am a food blogger @vegetablesandspices - That's my insta food page.

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