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3 Course Dinner - fondue evening

One of the parts of French culture that I love the most is their continued tradition of à table. Families come together for the evening meal. They sit down at the table and talk about their day.

   Some alcohol included     Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Ewelina

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Head in the Clouds. Feet on the Ground. Things & Moments Collector. Addicted to laughing. Allergic to stupidity.

My 10 life rules:

1) I don't dream to live but i fulfill my dream

2) Love is to forget a little your self to reach out to the others

3) My house door is always open for people would like to came in and for people want to go out too

4) Never do today what you can do tomorrow

5) On sunday morning , first person who wake up , has to turn in the other side of bed and start again to sleep

6) To be a part of other people life , you don't have to tray to make space but must be the other than make it for you

7) Never start to cook without a glass full of good wine

8) Never pay for all stuff you can have for free

9) Work in progress

10) Life is so difficult , take it easy

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