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Tex-Mex Buffet Dinner 1228

Please come and join in for a buffet-style dinner of Tex-Mex classics made from fresh produce from my local farmer's market, as well as spices I have brought over from the US. There will be plenty of food to choose from, and if you have any special dietary requests, please just let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you. Hope to see you!

   Some alcohol included     Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Karen

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I am a psychologist who moved to Poland from the US over 3 years ago with my husband. Following his death, I moved around Poland a bit but now I am back in Krakow - the most beautiful city in Poland! I have always loved to cook and worked for a catering company while attending college. I still love hosting people at my home and cooking for them while sharing stories. My parents are originally from Poland and it has always been my dream to live in Poland and now I am fulfilling that dream.

I have learned some of the ins and outs of Gdansk and other Polish cities and would be very happy to share some tips with you as well as sharing a meal. Whether making homemade Polish food taught to me by my mother and grandmothers, or American classics - especially Tex-Mex fare - I find sharing food with strangers makes you friends instantly.

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