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This time, forget about the rubbish weather outside, ignore it and come over for a multicultural feast. We are going for culinary trip around the world. 6 of our finest Eataway cooks will prepare for you a special authentic dish from their own country. So on this one evening will try Thai, Indian, Korean, French, Polish and English food. Want to join us for this adventure ? Try Korean roll (Kimbap) , Thai Spring roll and Green Curry with chicken, Indian Curry Butter Chicken and many more...

   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Marta

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Hello! I’m Marta, I'm sculptor, but i also love cooking. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of my beautiful home town, and more about art of fermented foods/probiotics/prebiotics, both through the website I run eataway.com and with all the wonderful travellers I meet in person.

I also love cooking. That means delicious, home-made food freshly-prepared for my family and friends, and fun evenings of conversation and shared experiences. I’ve often thought when travelling myself how great it would be to have a meal with a local person.

Restaurants are great, but sometimes it seems it would be better to enjoy a home-cooked meal with someone who can also tell me a bit more about their experiences, their lives and their cities. So, I’ve decided to do exactly that. I cook for up to 12 people at my home in Krakow every Wednesday, sometimes Saturdays from around 7pm. And you’re invited. Please join me!

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