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Valentine's Evening at Natalia's 1119

You've heard these stories about the worst-to go-out day in the whole year? About unhappy cooks, irritated waiters, angry bartenders? Yes, this is what they say about Valentine's Day... But on the other side it's the day to celebrate, to show off, to be happy and have fun!

So skip big establishments and come to my Table d'Hote (home restaurant) instead. Try my special Valentine's Day Tasting Menu - and I can guarantee it will be cooked and served with great love, because cooking is what I love!

(for vegetarian alternatives and other questions please contact me via Eataway mail)

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   Some alcohol included  

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Actually I am a specialist in international relations and wanted to be a diplomat... But my life turned out differently and now I love to cook, read about food and write about it, too. I like people. I like to feed them - it makes me happy. I collect cookbooks - in 7 languages! I have more than 1000 (but I read other books, too).

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