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Festival of Indian culture!

Holi Feast from India 1179


Yummy!India, Krakow will be happy to celebrate this significant festival of Indian culture with you all. After four successful years, Yummy India is organizing Holi Festive dinner again this year.

Holi !! the spring festival, festival of colors and the festival of sharing love. It is a celebration of colors for unity and brotherhood.

You are welcome to celebrate this colorful and significant festival of INDIA at my dinner table, where I will try to give you essence of the festival through my variety of festive foods and music.

I wish you to have a life as colorful and joyous as the HOLI Festival. May the yummy treat sweeten your life’s journey throughout the year.

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About the cook, Sheuli

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I was born in East India where food is a celebration. Brought up in a traditional family, I learnt cooking from Mother, Grandmother and other ladies within the family.

Cooking is my passion and I love cooking for people. I lived in various cities in India and spent a significant part of my life in a metropolitan environment. Through this, I had the experience of sharing different cooking styles with other friends from various part of India. I came to Krakow with my husband and one child 12 years ago. Here, I honed my European cuisine cooking skills by sharing and cooking for various international cooking clubs at Krakow. I shortly worked as food adviser to an Indian restaurant in Krakow operated by a Polish acquaintance. My knowledge of cooking has matured over the years and I have adapted the all-Indian menu that I know and love, to the local taste; for getting the best of eating experience from Indian authentic food.

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