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Festival of Indian culture!

Holi Feast from India 7147


Yummy!India, Krakow will be happy to celebrate this significant festival of Indian culture with you all. After four successful years, Yummy India is organizing Holi Festive dinner again this year.

Holi !! the spring festival, festival of colors and the festival of sharing love. It is a celebration of colors for unity and brotherhood.

You are welcome to celebrate this colorful and significant festival of INDIA at my dinner table, where I will try to give you essence of the festival through my variety of festive foods and music.

I wish you to have a life as colorful and joyous as the HOLI Festival. May the yummy treat sweeten your life’s journey throughout the year.

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About the cook, Sheuli

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I was born and brought up in East India, where food is celebrated and revered. My family is a very traditional one, and I learned the art of cooking from my mother, grandmother and the ladies of the family.

Cooking is a passion and an integral part of who I am, and I absolutely love cooking for people. Throughout my life, I've lived in many cities both in India and elsewhere, and have spent a significant amount of my life in a metropolitan environment. Because of this, I have had the pleasure of sharing and experiencing different cooking styles with friends from India and the world.

During my 14 years in Krakow, with my knowledge of the Indian culinary world, and my new-found familiarity with Europe's cuisines, I have attended and participated in events at restaurants, hotels and cafes, helping to teach the ins and outs of Indian cooking.

My journey with Eataway started in 2015, almost at the very beginning. Being a member of the Eataway family, during this period, I've had the opportunity to meet and feed thousands of extremely interesting individuals from all over the globe, each with their own special story. Thanks to the homely atmosphere that Eataway created, every dinner that I served became memorable to me, and I believe the guests went home with pleasant memories, a slice of the taste of India, and a satisfied heart and stomach. I hope you can join me soon so I can share the secrets of Indian cooking with you too!

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