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Karen's fundraiser!

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I could not participate in Karen's recent fundraiser event, though I still wanted to support her, which is why I decided to host a meal at my place and donate the money we will collect directly to Karen's and Dewey. This Saturday, I'll cook a full Indian meal in a form of a buffet and you are most welcome to join! Every single penny collected during this meal will be donated to Karen and Dewey.

About Dewey: Last year he suffered from severe pneumonia and only recently he got worse and ended up in the hospital again. He has been in intensive care for the past five weeks since his heart stopped and caused extensive brain damage. Both Karen and Dewey are freelance journalists and the costs of rehabilitation became a big burden for them.


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About the cook, Suchandra

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A social worker by profession and a voracious reader, I live to eat and to paint. Born and brought up in Kolkata, India (referred as The City of Joy), I have travelled across different states in the last 10 years. My travel based job not only gave me opportunities to meet different people but also to know about different cultures and cuisines. My best companions are my books, paint brushes and colours. Some of my dream destinations are Venice, Cairo, Athens.

I am passionate about working towards the development of society and have worked on various issues like women empowerment, education of the underprivileged and rural development.

If you wish to know more about me and my country, you've got to meet me soon :)

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