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Kuk-si. Autentic Soviet Korean Food 488

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Korean kimchi, Uzbek pilav, Uighur lagman, Armenian dolma, Georgian satsywi, Jewish humus ... and this is just a beginning. The beginning of an incredible culinary journey where we invite you. This all thanks to our roots, because we are from Uzbekistan - a country where more than 100 nationalities are living together. That is why our daily table is so diversed and combines the traditions of countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Far East.

Boris Yoo is a Korean who was born in Kyrgyzstan, spent his childhood in Tadzykistan and grew up in Uzbekistan. Igor Umrichin was born in sunny Tashkent, in his veins flows Jewish, Russian, German and Ukrainian bloods. We are Family. Yes, really, we are family, because we are brothers-in-law. We also bound with we love to cook and host guests. We are inviting you to taste the real pilav, because as it says in Uzbekistan - only a man can cook it in the proper way.

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