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Poland's most famous food!

Pierogi Class 1060

Would you like to learn how to make delicious Polish pierogi? Come to my place and I will teach you! You can also message me and I will set up for you a private class. During the class we will make pierogis with 3 traditional stuffings (depending on the season) out of the following: cooked, mashed potatoes with tvarog cheese and onions (ruskie), ground meat, cabbage with mushrooms, buckwheat kasha and cheese, spinach and bryndza cheese, fava beans, raviolis (“uszka”) with ceps and seasonal fruits such as strawberries, bilberries, cherries, wild cherries and lentils. I will teach you how to garnish them, so they are even teastier!

Despite the changes in past 25 years they remain one of the most popular Polish dishes (and probably the only one internationally renowned). My daughter loves them and she asks me often to make them for her. They are known in Poland probably since the middle ages and had been incorporated into culinary tradition from the east. Let’s have pierogi feast!

Because we have summer, I may teach you how to make the most popular Polish chilled soup called chłodnik (made from young beets, buttermilk or sour milk, crafyfish and eggs). In such a case we will replace one type of pierogi by this delicious soup!

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Hello foodies and travelers from all over the World! My name is Magda. I like to share my love of Polish cuisine, its history and the history of Kraków, my hometown. Over the last few years, I have developed my passion for gastronomy, working as a food writer. I am addicted to everything that is connected with food; I like to find out about the history of each food item or food preparation. Where do pierogi come from? What is the history of some famous Polish soups, such as żurek or bortsh? I love modern books about food, but I am really into old cookbooks which are a great source of inspiration! I spent several years in France and my cooking sometimes has a little French touch, but always remains Polish. It will be great if you could join me at for my pierogi class or a dinner. My place is located nearby the Old Town of Krakow. I am curious about where you come from and whether you will be happy to discover tasty Polish classics and some great local products which I will buy for you on my favorite food markets. Polish cuisine is great and is full of treasures which should be shown to the entire World!

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