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HI! My name is Natalia.

My family live in Krakow since more than 4 generations and I will be more than happy to host you at my family house where I will be able to prepare you typical polish food.

I love meeting new people, listening stories and life experiences.

Table and food is an excuse to help us to do it.

Feel more than welcome to join me and try my home made, polish plates.

   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Natalia


Hello Everyone!

My name is Natalia and my backgroud is pretty international. I'm Polish but I studied, lived and worked in Italy, Spain and Brazil. Currently I work in Dubai often as well. All these experiences let me discover culture, people and local cuisine. Food it's not a goal in itself. It's just an excuse to meet new people and hear good stories behind.

I will be more than happy to share my dishes and stories with good, happy and optimistic people at my home :)

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