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Sushi & BBQ - eat out for Brześć Kids! 3828

This time we are cooking to help kids! Drop by to have a taste of all kinds of dinner we prepare - just the mix! We are going to serve you sushi, Brazilian style BBQ and our favourite Taiwanese snacks!

What is it all about? We the cooks, always feel like helping. We’ve seen Marina doing so many good things for the refugee kids stuck in Brześć, that we immediately felt like doing something together and here we go - cooks united again. Come and join our dinner - all the profits from this one will be donated to support Dzieci z Dworca Brześć - learn more about them here:


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   Feel free to bring your own alcohol  

About the cook, Natalia and Wu

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We are two friends from two continents - after all friendship and passion for cooking don't know borders. Natalia is a food photographer in deep and requited love with sushi and Asian cuisine. Wu, born in Taiwan, raised in Brazil loving sushi even more, has become a sushi master and runs his own sushi bar in Brazil. We love cooking together cause our friendship has started from the first sushi roll. Now we want to share the piece of this roll with you!

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